Mill Creek Corporate Center – “A Street”



North Santiam Paving was the prime contractor on PacTrust’s new “A Street” project at Mill Creek Corporate Center in Salem.

NSP managed the prep and development of 25-acres of the Mill Creek property for what ultimately will house a total of six light industrial buildings, providing approximately 395,000 square feet of occupancy space at completion. NSP built out the property from the initial excavation and grading to laying the sewer, water and storm lines, paving the roads and sidewalks, and installing the street lights.

The project entailed:

  • excavation of existing ground for new road
  • placement of 18,000 ton of aggregate base 
  • construction of ten new flow-through planters 
  • 7,700 feet of curb and sidewalks on both sides of the road 
  • 600 feet of retaining walls
  • 3,800 feet of new sewer line
  • 1,100 feet of new storm line
  • three box culvers
  • 1,600 feet of 24” water line, and 
  • 6,400 ton of asphalt.

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